About Us

Krajee was established in the year 2011 and is located at Bangalore, India. Named after Kartik and his spouse Rajee, the mission of Krajee is to consistently evolve web application development based on modern trends. One of the primary initiatives, in this mission was to closely work with and contribute to the Open Source community. We have developed web development tools and JQuery plugins for free access by the web development community. In addition, we strive to actively work with the team developing the open source Yii framework, and in the process, added various new extensions and modules to enhance the framework’s usage.

Krajee focuses on building low-cost, yet powerful technological solutions for the small businesses. More especially the education industry (schools and preschools). Driven largely by Rajee’s enormous experience with the education sector, a key objective for Krajee, was to mitigate the most common issues with educational center startups and day-to-day operational management. With learnings from over 30 different educational centers and a team of strong technical developers, the Krajee team has come up with solutions to help centers elevate their operational efficiency. Schools and educational centers wish to achieve success in providing services by widening their business reach to a large audience. With this in mind, Krajee Solutions has designed a free community portal at SchoolToJoin.com for students, parents, and center owners to join and discuss.The solutions at Krajee can also be used by individuals at home or on personal basis at a very nominal cost. Contact us for obtaining further details on any custom solution for your needs.